Once again it’s time for cliche end of year lists!

Favourite new comic series

Lydia: Although technically first released the end of 2014, Bitch Planet has been my favourite throughout 2015. But of those that were released in 2015 Kaptara is my pick. Imaginative, out of this world  fun. Basically it’s my childhood 80’s imagination brought to life.

Steve: Archie 2015, the re-imagining of Archie and the gang was a “new” series that I was really looking forward to. I read so much Archie growing up and the style was so bland and dated, the update was sorely needed and they couldn’t have got better people to do the art and writing for it. The stories are essentially the same, but contemporary.

Favourite Limited Series

Lydia: It’s a toss up between Plutona and Paper Girls. Both center around a group of young teens with a vibe reminiscent of 80’s teen adventure films like Stand By Me or The Goonies. In Plutona, a group of kids stumble upon the body of a defeated superhero in the woods and aren’t sure what to do about it. Paper Girls is set in the 80’s and puts a group of newspaper deliver girls into the middle of sci-fi adventure.

Steve: We Stand on Guard, I was really excited when this was announced. I love what Brian K Vaughn does and a futuristic Canada that has been invaded by the US over resources? Perfect, and plausible. It had the predictable Canadian references that make Canadians feel good about themselves because Canadians love being acknowledged by Americans. It was frustrating to read because it was a limited series and the story ends so fast but there’s so much more story left to tell. I’m hoping more comes of this.

New series to watch out for in 2016

Lydia: Only two issues in and I am absolutely drawn into the magical world of Monstress. Also Hellcat, it’s so fun and adorable!

Steve: I’m just going drink whisky and be surprised like I am every year!

Favourite whisky purchase

Lydia: Bunnahabhain 25 year old. We don’t often treat ourselves to a high end whisky bottle, choosing instead to sample them at whisky bars. But the Bunnahabhain 25 was on sale at the NB Spirits Fest and we both love the distillery so we went for it and it is fantastic. No regrets.

Steve: I would have to say my favourite and most surprising whisky purchase is the Wiser’s Hopped Whisky. I had no idea what to expect from the bottle, and always have low expectations from Wiser’s but this bottle is so unique from anything else I’ve ever tasted. For the price, you have to pick it up.

Favourite NB Spirits Fest moment

Lydia: Most definitely the Chairman’s Dram tasting although the Friday night after party was certainly memorable.

Steve: Being there is a treat in itself. There are so many whisky people there from everywhere, the reps, the twitter people you get to meet. Really the socializing aspect this year was the highlight. (The Chairman’s Dram tasting on Saturday was obviously the best part)

Favourite fan expo/comic con moment

Lydia: There were so many! I loved meeting actor Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter), writer Kurtis Wiebe (Rat Queens), and the duo behind Alex + Ada Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna. But my most geek out moment was definitely doing a photo op with some of the cast members of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Steve: So much of the comic con’s are just walking the floors and being amazed at cosplay that it’s hard to remember what actually happened, but I’d have to say that Jason Momoa coming over to take pictures with fans on the way to his autograph session was awesome. He’s a really big person with a big heart. I’m a fan. Also, asking Graham Mctavish what his favourite scotch was at the Calgary Expo parade was fun since he actually answered “Highland Park” in his awesome voice.

Things to look forward to in 2016

We are working on putting together a whisky and comics tasting for early 2016! The details are still being worked out but we’ll be sure to update once we know more.

We also got tickets to the Emerald City Comic Con! It will be our first time attending and our first trip to Seattle. I’m really looking forward to (hopefully) getting Hellcat #1 signed by writer Kate Leth (no word yet on whether artist Brittney Williams is attending) and seeing iZombie actor Rose McIver, Supergirl Melissa Benoist, and famous Edmontonian Nathan Fillion.


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