It’s nearly Halloween so naturally that means a Candy and BOOze pairing! But first lets take a look at an excellent Halloween reading choice, Locke & Key!

This particular series finished in 2013 so it’s easy to pick up all six volumes (check your local library!) and devour them Halloween day while lounging in your favourite reading spot with a bowl full of candy. You can also download a free Locke&Keye audiobook until November 4th with the voice talents of Tatiana Maslany, Hayley Joel Osment and Kate Mulgrew. Locke & Key has a little bit of everything, there’s your group of plucky teens having adventures, mysteries to be solved, murder, and magic all set at a creepy house, Keyhouse. You wouldn’t expect anything else from writer Joe Hill, also known for his novels Horns and N0S4A2. I became addicted to the series on a visit home and grabbed the first volume at the local comic book store for something to read. I returned every day after that until there were no more volumes left to buy, it’s that good. This was before the series had finished too, so I was left hanging for a few months before finally getting to the final volume! The art by Gabriel Rodriguez is an excellent compliment to the story and the lines are just superb, always providing just the right amount of detail.

omegaThe story is centered around the Locke children, Tyler, Kinsey and Bode, whose father was recently murdered. The children, along with their mother, move into the family home Keyhouse, that has been looked after by their uncle Duncan. The youngest child, Bode, soon starts discovering keys that unlock magic doors throughout the house, the first being one that turns you into a ghost. Of course his siblings don’t believe him at first until the oldest, Tyler, falls through the ghost door. Eventually other keys are discovered, like the Head Key that can unlock memories, Anywhere Key that will transport you anywhere you can imagine, a key that allows you to fly and more. Meanwhile, there’s an evil Echo from the past that is trying to find the Omega key. It’s a race between the Echo and the Locke kids to find the Omega key, but first the siblings need to unravel the sordid past of their father and his high school mates to help them unlock the mysteries of Keyhouse (I can’t help myself I love puns).

To pair with this fine Halloween read, I suggest cozying up with a warm drink such as a spiked latte. Recently tried a Whisky Fog, which is Early Grey Tea, 1 oz of Spicebox Spiced Whisky and milk foam. The Spicebox certainly has that Halloween sweetness to it and lots of vanilla that goes really well in this drink. Plus the bottle has a nice Halloween orange look to it.

As for later in the evening, we did the onerous task of going through our whisky collection to see what pairs best with Halloween candy, specifically Mars, Twix, Snickers, M&Ms and Peanut M&Ms. It was a tough job but we managed to narrow it down. So steal candy from some kids (not recommended) and enjoy!

Mars & Forty Creek Copper Pot: Long smooth Copper Pot finish of clove with a touch of citrus adds to the enjoyment of the caramel simplicity that is a Mars bar. Definitely take your time with these while watching a slow build horror story, such as Hitchcock’s The Birds or the recently released Crimson Peak. The lingering interplay of flavours will definitely match your long gaze of Tom Hiddleston’s backside.

Twix & Bushmills 10 yr: The honey and vanilla flavours of the Bushmills compliment the cookie portion of the Twix bar. Then the spicy dried fruit finish really enhances the caramel and chocolate. It’s just like when Frankenstein’s monster meets his bride! ❤

Snickers & Chivas Regal 12yr: The initial stab of pepper, vanilla and a touch of caramel apple from the Chivas goes quite well with the peanut in the Snickers. The whisky has a quick finish which allows the chocolate and caramel to take over your taste buds.

M&Ms & Forty Creek Confederation Oak: Dark chocolate goes well with most any whisky but milk chocolate in a candy coating is a tougher beast altogether. Really want something that contrasts with the sweetness without going too far. Confederation Oak has a touch of maple flavour that compliments while also having some rye spiciness to provide contrast.

M&M peanuts & Makers Mark: This pairing really kills it with the complimenting sweet and salty of the bourbon and peanut.

Drink responsibly and read recklessly!


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