If you haven’t figured it out yet I’m a huge dork. As such, every March 14th I celebrate pi day. Yes pi, as in the irrational number 3.14159 and I do this on the date 03/14. This year pi day is especially awesome because the date is 03/14/15, nerds rejoice! I generally celebrate pi day with all things round such as pizza, pie and quiche. So for this most momentous of days I wanted to introduce you all to Atomic Robo!

This comic truly has something for everyone. Adventure! War stories! Espionage! Sci-fi! Evil secret mountain lairs! Explosions! Vampire dimensions! An evil dinosaur! Crystals! Carl Sagan cameos! But most importantly action science! I got hooked on Robo after picking up an issue on Free Comic Book Day that included Dr. Dinosaur, the most brilliant evil scientist of all time.  I was immediately hooked on the action, the fun stories and the laugh out loud hilarity of the science adventures. Being an action scientist myself, I took inspiration from the comic and used the action moniker for my twitter handle (@actiongeologist).

Doctor Dinosaur
Doctor Dinosaur

Robo was made in 1923 by famous scientist Nikola Tesla (because Tesla is better than Edison obviously) and his story is told from various time periods between the present and then.  Robo is a no-nonsense kind of guy that doesn’t take himself too seriously. Science is important to Robo but unfortunately he tends to get distracted by cleaning up the messes of mad scientists the world over which nearly always results in fisticuffs, because who doesn’t want to see a robot punch things? Writer Brian Clevinger does a great job of making sure to write Robo differently depending on his age which really brings out his human qualities. Young Robo is such an inexperienced dork, it’s adorable. And Robo’s emotions are excellently portrayed by artist Scott, despite Robo not having a mouth. The creators also make a point of having a diverse science team helping out Robo, something I wish more comics tried to do. If you’re still not convinced you can read some Atomic Robo for free online. If you get hooked you can buy the rest of the volumes online.

Atomic Robo art.

Then, if you still can’t get enough be sure to support their campaign over at Patreon. I decided to skip the whisky pairing for this one since Robo can’t actually drink whisky. But that won’t stop me from posting this Rye Pecan Pie recipe that I hope to make on the weekend for pi day. If that’s not your thing try adding some bourbon to your favourite pumpkin pie recipe. Cheers!


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