Sample Sips – Collingwood 21

This whisky. I think I’m in love.

This week our random grab from the sample drawer is Collingwood 21 and wow this is smoooooooth.

Collingwood is made at the Canadian Mist distillery in Collingwood Ontario. Compared to Canadian Mist, it has a higher rye content and is finished in vats containing maple wood chips. This particular, older expression of Collingwood is the result of a secret experiment using 100% rye whisky that was hidden away for two decades in oak barrelsĀ and given the distinctive Collingwood maple mellowing. Am I the only that thinks “maple mellowing” sounds like some sort of Canadian sex act?

Canadian actor getting his maple mellow on.

This medium amber hued whisky is a delightful nose of cherry, blackberries and crisp apple with a hint of licorice mixed with the smell of rye bread. Occasionally I get a slight hint of maple. The whisky has an amazing mouth feel. There’s an initial minor jab of rye flavours like a mild spiciness of clove with a dash of pepper. This is then followed by the amazing smoothness that slowly builds to a herbal floral finish wherein I get a taste of rosemary. The herbal finish lingers on but it also has a mild tartness to it.

I absolutely love this whisky so if you enjoy rye whisky definitely give it a try. For something that’s 100% rye I’m surprised at the subtlety of flavour it has.



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