Faves of 2014

Happy New Year!

As is customary this time of year, it’s time to make a list! We’re not fans of “Best Ofs” so we’re just going to list our fave comic and whisky moments of the year!

1. Calgary Expo

This was our first time attending a con of any kind and it was amazing! We’re hooked, so we bought tickets for the 2015 con as soon as tickets were on sale! Of the currently announced guests we’re most excited for Ming-Na Wen of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and SGU fame and Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead.

2. YEG Beer Fest!

The Edmonton Craft Beer Festival is becoming a yearly highlight as well. The most exciting discovery this year was that one of our favourite breweries, Yukon Brewing, is also currently aging whisky! We cannot wait to discover what whisky from the Yukon tastes like!

3. Twitter tastings!

We had a lot of fun doing twitter tastings, including a blind tasting that was a new experience for us. If you have no idea what a twitter tasting is, it’s essentially people from around the country, or world, tasting the same whisky, while tweeting what they’re experiencing using the same hashtag. It’s obviously not the same as doing it in person, but to be able to have a diverse group of people tasting at the same time is really awesome! Our favourite twitter tasting was Arbeg Supernova because it is so very good!

4. Meeting comic artists!

Action Geologist met her first comic artist at a signing in Edmonton, Fiona Staples. She’s the mastermind behind the amazing pages in Saga. Meeting someone you admire is an odd experience. The moment in my head: “Hey I have no idea who you are but you make the most amazing art and OMG please sign my copy you are so cool”. The experience in reality: “Hi, I like your stuff. Thanks bye”. @stevehasbeans got to meet the artist behind Sex Criminals, Chip Zdarsky and was fortunate to buy a hug from him for 25 cents. Zdarsky is the coolest. Can’t wait to read Howard the Duck!

5. Forty Creek Weekend

There’s nothing like visiting the distillery of one of your favourite whiskies. This was our second visit to the annual end of September Forty Creek Whisky Weekend in Grimsby Ontario. I highly recommend checking it out if you ever have the chance. There’s always an amazing BBQ food truck, bottle signings by distiller John Hall, and distillery tours.

6. Discovering new comic titles

We got hooked to some new releases such as Sex Criminals and hopped on board to some ongoing series such as Saga. Some others we got addicted to include: Rat Queens, Outcast, Lumberjanes, and Bitch Planet!

7. Getting the whisky cabinet

We went on an adventure to get our antique whisky cabinet that we just love! Read about it here.

8. Arrival of Kickstarter comic swag

Not sure how long we were awaiting the Atomic Robo Tesladyne Field Manual and art prints but it was wonderful! Also got a copy of Smut Peddler! Also contributed to new campaigns that will hopefully arrive in 2015, such as a collection of indigenous comics Moonshot.

9. Hopping on the bourbon train

At the beginning of the year we decided to start trying some bourbons. A few drinks at some great whisky bars later and we knew what we liked from our bourbon. Our first bottle was Four Roses small batch and it’s been amazing. Then came along a great restaurant in Edmonton, Meat, that serves up great southern style BBQ and has a decent bourbon selection. Bourbon and BBQ is the perfect pairing and is now our go to summer whisky. We also discovered picklebacks! It’s when you chase a shot of bourbon with pickle juice, however I tend to sip both. It is such an unexpected perfect pairing.

10. Discovering international whiskies like Amrut and Yamazaki

Countries other than Scotland can produce really good single malt whiskies! It’s shocking right? It should be mentioned that North American distilleries are also producing some nice tasting single malts. The age isn’t there yet, but the taste is coming along nicely.

11. Hydra chalkboard

Just look at it!


12. Marvel movie announcements

Was watching the live feed of this even though I should have been working. I was excited when Captain Marvel was announced I don’t know how I didn’t yell out loud!

13. Getting past my hipster sensibilities and finally breaking down and reading Marvel/DC comics

We love superhero movies and TV shows, but never read the DC or Marvel comics. It just seems so daunting to jump into those universes. But as Jordan West says in this great article on comic book continuity “A good story is a good story”. So I’m finally hooked on Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Captain Marvel among other titles.

14. Discovering more Canadian distilleries

On the trip to Forty Creek there was also a stop into Still Waters distillery where the make great small batch single malt whiskies as well as rye and a great blend. We also took off to wine country in the beautiful Okanagan valley and discovered more than just wine. We picked up a single malt from the Okanagan Spirits and discovered a few other places that are just starting up such as Legend Distilling. In the mean time they make a helluva gin.


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