Barley Reads and Links – December 19, 2014

Vox does a great write up of The Wicked and The Divine. (Did you pick up the new issue this week?)

Wytches #3 Review – remains one of the best recent additions from @ImageComics by @Ssnyder1835@jock4twenty — We The Nerdy (@WeTheNerdy) December 17, 2014

Tis the season of awards and best of lists for everything, but also for whisky. Last week we’d linked to the Whisky Advocate’s blog for their Canadian Whisky of the year, but you can read what’s been added since at their blog.

Malt Maniacs also have their own list out and Glengoyne seem pretty happy about their 25 year old.

@Glengoyne 25YO picks up 8th medal @MaltManiacs Awards.At this rate we think it’s going to need its own medal cabinet

— Glengoyne Distillery (@Glengoyne) December 17, 2014

Do you read Atomic Robo? If not, you really should be. Notwithstanding that, one of the creators has a Kickstarter for a new comic called The Bureau of Infernal Affairs, which is described as “Put the fun monster of the week X-Files episodes in Ancient China. Boom. INFERNAL AFFAIRS.”

A year ago Dewars released an awful campaign called “Meet The Baron”. It was easily one of the most sexist advertising in whisky, or otherwise, that had been released in some time. Dewars initially tried to defend the ads, but pulled them after one day. Now, one year later, they have new ads that are basically the opposite of “The Baron”. has a great write up of the issue.

And the rest of the links this week!


The 25 Most Interesting Comics of 2014 – Mental Floss 

**Spoiler Alert** What’cha Reading’s Rat Queens Talk Rat Queens: Braga #1 – Whatchareading

Comixology Best of 2014 – Comixology

Listen as Saga writer Brian K. Vaughan talks to us about comics, gaming, and Star Wars – The Verge


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