Sample Sips – Balblair 1995

Sorry for the hiatus everyone! I’m trying to work a full time job while finishing a never ending Masters thesis. Stupid I know, especially since I should have finished it years ago. I had some serious life stuff happen a little over five and a half years ago. I don’t want to get into that now, that’s a whole other post, but I can say It was extremely depressing and one of the worst things so far for me. Then I was asked if I wanted to do this super incredibly awesome MSc project and I thought that would be just the thing to get me going on with life again! WORST IDEA EVER. Then to top it all of the university decided to treat me horribly by not providing the assistance I needed. People I had no trouble with before now treated me like I was an idiot. Eventually I turned things around and learning to roller skate was a big part of that. Then of course I end up breaking my ankle the night before roller derby try outs. I have awesome timing like that. Writing a thesis while drooling from painkillers does not get you very far. Then once I’m finally hobbling around I get offered a job and by this point I was desperate for money. It’s the worst job ever and takes up so much time but I was finally able to afford what I needed to function as a human being and have been living life and it’s awesome. So now when I even think about my thesis I get overwhelmed with so much anxiety and dread because it just reminds me of the worst time of my life and I just want to move on from that. But the only way to get rid of it is to work on it. It’s a vicious cycle.

This past weekend, while trying to find the motivation to get out of bed and turn the computer on, I was reminded of a Sex and the City episode where Charlotte is devastated by a certain event and just sits in her apartment all day watching TV. A documentary on the hardships of Elizabeth Taylor inspire her to get up, make herself look fabulous, and join the rest of her friends at a party. So I did my equivalent of the same and put on my Wonder Woman socks with tiny capes on them. They are the most fabulous socks and I haven’t really worn them since roller derby.

Me and my Wonder Woman socks!

For today’s Sample Sip, I decided to finally get around to trying a dram I was sent nearly a year ago. I was waiting for the right time to try it, but like those socks stuffed away in my dresser for over a year, I decided to hell with it. It’s time to finish this! That dram is the Balblair 1995.

Tasting the Balblair 1995

The whisky is a pale yellow, like a wheat field, with a sweet nose. At first it smelled like a mix of apricots and peaches, but then later it hit me, green apple! There’s also a nice vanilla and mild honey smell, and possibly a touch of hazlenut. The taste has a surprising amount of kick given it’s sweet and fruity nose, it even made my lips tingle. At first taste I was thinking of cut grass and then eventually decided this will need a small drop of water to get to the real flavours. After adding water I could then taste some cinnamon with a nutty finish, and the taste of lemon or lime zest.

So here’s to getting things done. Better late than never!



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