In addition to Sample Sips, I’ve decided to also write about the bottles in the whisky cabinet hence the name Cabinet Drams! But there wouldn’t be Cabinet Drams if not for our recent adventure!

Last weekend the Social Media Wizard and myself went on an epic quest. That mission: to purchase a whisky cabinet. There haven’t been many whisky purchases made lately because our dedicated whisky cupboard just couldn’t handle anymore. The situation came to a point where we could either have food in our cupboards or whisky. It was a difficult decision. At first we had this grand idea of building a cabinet but thankfully the perfect item was found on Kijiji. We gathered all we needed for our quest and prepared Princess Peach for the journey ahead. Peach is the name of our vehicle, because once we thought we were done a task to purchase the car another task would magically appear. “Thank you for filling out all these forms, but your Princess is in another castle!”

Then off we went on our three hour journey to obtain our prize! Thankfully I didn’t need to answer three questions from a bridge troll or face the The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, just had to find our way on some back country dirt roads. The adventure was a grand success! Just see for yourself in the photos below.


Before heading back home we of course had to stop at a good liquor store and buy more whisky to fill up the cabinet, despite the imminent threat of a snow storm. After chatting with the owner and finally deciding what to buy (it’s so hard not to bring them all home), it had already started to snow. It seemed all too fitting that one of our purchases was Talisker Storm. Thankfully we made it back home with our precious cargo before the roads got too terrible.

The golden Talisker Storm has the smell of peat and salt ocean spray which is typical of single malts from the western isles of Scotland. Unlike the Bowmore Darkest and Devil’s Casks, the Talisker Storm doesn’t have a spiciness underlying the peat and smoke but is more sweet, having notes of honey, citrus rind and faint vanilla and floral. The taste starts out mellow but like a crashing wave quickly builds to a sea salty finish with a touch of pepper. Cthulhu would approve. Definitely give it a try with some smoked salmon or shrimp cooked in some sort of citrus sauce.



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