W&C Pairings – The Darkest Buffy and why I like Whisky and Comics

After the Bowmore Devil’s Casks Sample Sip earlier in the week, I decided I needed to compare it to the Bowmore Darkest, which also goes well with Halloween week! The Darkest is 5 years older than its devilish cousin and unlike the Devil’s Casks which was completely aged in sherry casks the Darkest was aged in bourbon barrels and then finished in sherry casks. Being from the same distillery and both having spent some time in sherry casks there are some similarities. Both have a dark amber colour and that signature Bowmore smoke. The Darkest has a wonderful nose of dried fruit, much sweeter in comparison to the spicy Devil’s Casks. And where the Devil’s Casks had you sipping down the tasty fires of damnation the Darkest has a delightful smooth palate that would pair with the finest of Halloween chocolates! There’s a taste of woodsiness like pine and toffee and has a finish that feels the same as drinking a dry red wine. This dram certainly has a mellowing effect on the mood that puts you in the perfect mindset for hatching evil plans! MWAHAHAAHAHAHA! Dark Willow would approve. So let’s conjure up that comic pairing!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of my favourite shows, so why not pair it with one of my favourite distilleries? It’s one of the few shows I’ll go back and watch over and over again. The show ended after seven seasons but thankfully returned in comic book format starting in 2007 published by Dark Horse Comics. I wasn’t a huge fan of the story in the season 8 comics. The group dynamic of the Scoobies just wasn’t there but they’re all back together again for this season and the stories are much better. The latest issue, Season 10 #8, has a great Halloween themed wrap around cover. For part one of this story arc, we see Buffy return to her roots in Sunnydale so that she can get back her Vampyr book that has been taken by Andrew who seems to have some dark plan! He’s obviously been into the Darkest. There’s a tentacle monster that’s into some serious vengeance against the slayer. The classic Bowmore smoke and peat certainly brings out the ocean in those panels.The unlikely pairing of Xander and Spike makes for great odd couple hilarity and the Whedon-esque dialogue is spot on this issue. It’s difficult not to give any of it away here. Just read it.


The Buffy comics are pretty much the whole reason why I got into comics, I really wanted to continue being immersed in the Buffyverse. Sure, I loved superhero movies and was a huge fan of the 90’s X-Men cartoon, but just couldn’t seem to dive into comics. It’s hard to figure out where to start, my town didn’t have a great comic shop that felt more like a boys club, and the comics just came across as soft core porn. Rogue in the X-Men cartoon was sassy, independent, and an all around bad ass, but in the comics it all just simply came down to her ass in spandex. But then came Buffy, the Chosen One. The artists working on Buffy kept the women looking real and the stories don’t rely on treating the women as pawns. My trips to the comic book store in my university town to pick up Buffy slowly resulted in the accumulation of other titles such as Atomic Robo, Saga, and The Walking Dead. Now I can’t wait to see what new releases there are each week!

My introduction to whisky was similar in some ways. All I had really known was the more commercial offerings such as Crown Royal. That all changed at the the NB Spirits Fest, the best whisky fest there is in Canada. I just simply made up my mind to go out and challenge myself and learn about the spirit of whisky. Once I learned how to properly taste whisky at the Master Classes it all began to make sense! The classes also helped me to discover which kinds of whisky I like, I had no idea there was such a spectrum of flavours. It’s also where my attachment to Bowmore whisky, among a few others, began. My favourite class had to be the Islay tasting with Martine Nouet. She is the Chosen One of whiskies. So much passion and the whole experience was just fun! It was the last class I attended of the fest so going into it I was of the mind set “whisky is pretty darn good” and afterwards I was all “HECK YEA WHISKY! I need to start a collection and doing food parings and OMG am I going to need a whole cabinet for this new hobby??” (I still need a cabinet, there’s no room for food in the kitchen anymore).

So raise a dram to the Chosen Ones Buffy and Martine, fighter of the vampires and champion of whiskies, and to all the other women in whisky and comics!

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