The Origin Story

Welcome to Whisky & Comics!

In the past few years I’ve developed an interest in, you guessed it, whisky and comics! Aside from having a dram while catching up on my favourite titles, I never really thought much about bringing those two worlds together. Then one evening, after reading an issue of Rat Queens and perusing the whisky cabinet, I thought “What would each of the Rat Queens drink?”. It was at that moment I realized that there is a serious lack of whisky and comic pairings. Sure, I know what I’d drink with a nice hearty seafood chowder (anything peated, like Bowmore or Laphroaig) and that bourbon is the best with BBQ, but I didn’t know what to pour before sitting down to read my latest comic purchase. Thus the blog came into being.

Each week I aim to do a Sample Sip Tuesday post and a Whisky & Comic Pairing on Thursdays. Thanks in a big part to Whisky Lassie (aka Johanne) I have quite the collection of mini bottles to taste! For the whisky and comic pairing I’ll let you know what kind of dram will go best with one of Wednesdays new releases!

whisky samples
The samples!

“But what witchery is this?” you ask. How does one pair the taste sensation that is whisky with the visual feast that is comics??? Personally, I don’t find it much of a stretch to pair a flavour with my mood, there truly is a whisky for every kind of day. So to take that idea, and apply it to the emotions evoked by reading a comic, reading a book or watching a movie is a task I’m more than willing to take up in the name of the blogosphere! But to be honest, it’s going to be a lot of trial and error that will hopefully improve with input from you dear reader!

So tune in later today for the first W&C Pairing and join us next week for the first Sample Sip Tuesday!



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